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Island 412, the Island of Orphans

Dead bodies of refugees who come to Turkey to escape the war in their country, on a journey of hope to reach European countries but die as a result of their boats sinking, are buried in the cemetery of the nameless known as “the Island of Orphans” if they cannot be given to their families.

About a thousand people lost their lives only last year, some of them were buried in the cemetery of nameless in the Doğançay Cemetery in Izmir.

The other name of the area, which consists of many unnamed graves and known as “412 Island” is “the Island of Orphans”. 

There are iron and wood boards with numbers on it in the graveside of refugees without any name or tomb stone.

There is no other place for refugees in the cemetery. Orphan Turks and refugees lie under the grave together.

İzmir - Turkey