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After the clashes during the curfew on November 28th, 2015 in Sur, the town of Diyarbakır, thousands of houses and workplaces were destroyed or demolished in six districts of Sur in the name of urban renewal against the will of Sur people, which means erecting tall,ugly buildings instead.

People of Sur reacted against this destruction by writings on the walls. Sur people who were left with no running water or electricity during the Ramadan, claim that they were being punished thus.

Writings on the walls:

-We don’t want to leave our houses.
-We are fasting, You merciless, water!
-You merciless, water!
-Let us have running water, you faithless!
-Sur is Love
-Sur is ours
-Sur, Wake up!
-The right to property can not be denied.

Diyarbakır - Turkey